Mount Sinai Panel: Visionary Approaches – Psychedelics as Therapy

At the Aspen Ideas Festival, Rachel Yehuda, PhD, shares her expertise and research on psychedelics. Once the domain of bohemian culture, psychedelics are now headed into mainstream medicine. As psychedelic therapy becomes easier to study, mounting evidence is informing new clinical models to treat depression, PTSD, and addiction, smooth the end-of-life passage, and make grief easier to handle. Oregon voters have approved the legalization of psilocybin, a "magic mushroom," for use under carefully controlled conditions. And at least one company has expanded worker health benefits to cover ketamine, an anesthetic that can produce hallucinations at the right dose, in tandem with counseling. As the use of psychedelics expands, will mental health care be transformed?

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Biological Underpinnings of PTSD
Policy Realm
Training Programs for VA and Community Providers
Potential for Psychedelic Usage
Research in Real World Settings


June 17, 2022

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Rachel Yehuda, PhD

Rachel Yehuda, PhD

Mount Sinai Professor in Psychiatry and Neuroscience of Trauma
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Vice Chair for Veterans Affairs, Department of Psychiatry
Director, Traumatic Stress Studies Division
Mount Sinai Health System

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